The populace of the Shire of Arrows’ Flight have been encouraged to design our own individual devices to represent us as we participate in SCA activities. Some of these have been officially registered, some have been submitted, and others are still in development. The collection of these devices, below, reflects our many and varied interests and personae in our “Shire of Awesome” as well as some of our friends and supporters over the years.

260021_10151941910089762_1935613642_nUpon the acquisition of a new shire pavilion several years ago, dags painted with contributors’ personal devices were offered as a fundraiser. These devices were sent to Lady Tabitha de Luna, who spread the large canvas out in her back yard and hand-painted each dag in marvelous detail. Many of the devices displayed below are her handiwork from this ambitious project.

374603_10151918117804762_688503745_nNote: This page is an informal gallery, and may not reflect the current status of submitted devices. If you would like to update your device as listed here, please contact our Herald or Webminister to request a change to this page. For an official record of registered devices for the Shire of Arrows’ Flight, please refer to the website of the Kingdom of Artemisia.

Photos by Tabitha Mounteer

Registered Devices

The Province of Arrows Flight

Dona Kyne Wynn the Kind

Ian the Strange

M'Lady Amanda Demouraunt

Roderic ap Cenydd

Tabitha de Luna

Submitted Devices

Dame Ellisif Sleggja

M'Lord Cynwrig de Montain

Not Submitted

Aine MacCullen (Holly)

Allen (Kyle)

Alyssa (Kaeleigh)


Ann (Samantha)

Bronwyn y Ceredigion (Chana)


Emmaline (Madelin)

Friar Jak

Giovanni il Ratto

Kadrina Tanskalainen (Karina)

Katharin the Smiling

Kristine Ronaldsdatter known as Kristine the Killer Rabbit

Lord Padruig McTavish


Marguerite de Provence (Ashley)

Orianna (Heather)

Owen the Evil

Perwyr (Christy)

Ramon De Javier (Travis)

Rodrigo De Castilla Leon (Alex)

Satya Amnesiac

Stephan Schwartzwald (Kevin)

Stephen the Other (Steven)

The Doctor

Thomas the Colorful

Vidar Bowbreaker

Von & Meghan

Yamanouchi Eidou (Andrew)


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