Heraldry in the SCA covers a range of activities, from helping research and register period names and armory, to voice heraldry. Our Shire Herald can answer questions about researching or registering your name or device, or other aspects of heraldry, or you can browse the website for the SCA College of Arms. Peruse examples of some of our populace’s devices in our Shire Armorial, or search a database of our Kingdom’s devices and awards on the List of Rolls of the Kingdom of Artemisia. Our Kingdom also offers a library with artwork for designing your device, under the category, “Heraldry Tools.”

An Armorial for the Shire of Arrows’ Flight


This is the internet website for the Provo, Utah chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism, known as the Shire of Arrows’ Flight. This website is intended for the use of members of the SCA and other persons who would like to contact the SCA in the Utah County area for the purpose of SCA business only. It does not represent official policy or opinion of the SCA or the Province of Arrows’ Flight.